Hong Kong: Cultural melting pot and Bible distribution point

By August 10, 2018

China (MNN) — Mission Cry’s Jason Woolford calls Hong Kong “a melting pot.”

“There are so many people from Indonesia and Africa and other places who are coming to Hong Kong,” Woolford says.

So what better place to distribute Christian literature and reach a wide audience?

We have an incredible opportunity right now, and that opportunity is to send over a half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books,” Woolford says.

Woolford reports that stores in Beijing are pulling Bibles from shelves, and online stores often do not carry electronic Bibles. But even though they’re tough to get to in many parts of China, one BIble can still change someone’s life.

“We’re not just sending a Bible, [it doesn’t stop at] giving someone the ability to have their eternity changed forever. The Word creates a difference in a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, an entire family, and even the culture.”

Mission Cry is planning on distributing the resources via a minister they’re partnered with in Hong Kong.

“He said, ‘Listen, I have the opportunity through business to get these containers released, and if you get them to me, I can get them into the hands of people that need them.’”

This minister goes downtown in Hong Kong and sits between massive stacks of books and Bibles playing worship songs on his keyboard. As he plays, he passes out free literature. It works so well that even other religious groups are taking notice.

“We’ve had such success… that Muslims are setting up across the street and trying to mimic us and do what we’re doing to hand out the Koran.”

Photo and header photo courtesy of Mission Cry

If their success is going to continue, they’re going to need a new shipment. If they’re going to send a new shipment, they’re going to need your support.
-need $10,900 to ship the container

“We have the opportunity to give away a minimum of 40,000 Bibles and Christian books for free in Hong Kong and get them in mainland China, and we need people to come alongside of us and say ‘we’re gonna help support and get that overseas,’” Woolford says.

They need just over $10,000 to be able to fund the shipment. If you want to help contribute part of that, click right here. You can even send books directly to Mission Cry with the information on their website.

But most of all, pray that each and every piece of literature in that crate will have the most impact it can have thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Someday, someone from Hong Kong will be able to say in Heaven, ‘It was me that was saved, it was me that was able to read the Word and hear that God’s still a healer.’”

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