Hope: A new video Bible study series with E3 Partners

By June 24, 2020

USA (MNN) – For e3 Partners, COVID-19 wasn’t going to stop discipleship. They decided that if they couldn’t train in person then they would do it through Facebook Live.

Jeff Johnston with e3 partners describes the new Bible Stories of Hope series. “This is a situation that none of us have ever dealt with before. People are looking for something to hope in; and really we know as Christians that that the only one true source of hope is in Christ. So we wanted to find a way to share that with people, to get it out there. And with the digital world that we live in now, we just kind of came up with this idea of sharing Bible stories of hope through a Facebook Live series.”

An Example to Follow

Instead of just telling people how to use the Discovery Bible Study Method, e3 Partners knew it would be most impactful to walk through a study online. So they asked their Vice President of Global City Strategy to do the study with his family.

(Image courtesy of e3 Partners)

Johnston says, “His name’s Troy Cooper. He and his family were the ones that that led this model. Basically, they just got on Facebook Live once a week, and went through this Discovery Bible Study or just the Standard Bible Study Method and modeled for people this is how you can go through these Scriptures with others.”

Each week they followed the same format:

  1. Look back at the week prior and share how they are doing.
  2. Look up at Scripture and what they can learn about God.
  3. Look forward to the next week and how they can apply what they learned.

Luke was a good book to start with because e3 wanted to share a study that clearly went through the life and teachings of Jesus. The study could go deep but the main point of the method is to bring out childlike questions and observations. It gives participants a good overview of the passage and a simple way to do Bible Study.

A Study for Everyone

Individuals or groups can do the study with the Cooper family as a video series. However, Johnston says they also hope people will use the study as a model for how they can conduct their own studies with family or friends.

(Photo courtesy of Dwight Stone on Flickr https://bit.ly/2Z77CVW)

“You don’t need to be a pastor or really even a Bible class teacher to be able to do these things,” Johnston says. “You just need to have a willingness to open up the scriptures and ask someone to join you.”

All of the studies have already gone live through Facebook but now the recorded sessions can be viewed for free at e3Partners.org/hope.


Header image courtesy of e3 Partners.

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