Hope among the chaos

By October 28, 2008

India (MNN) — While India has been in the spotlight for persecution and disaster in the past few months, Mission India has made it clear that God is still working in many lives. Two young women are proof of God's hand in India.

One young woman named Maneeta had been weaving rugs since she was six. She kept so busy working for her father that she missed the opportunity to go to school and attend classes.

Recently, she discovered a Mission India Adult Literacy class, which she was able to attend since it met at night. Unbeknown to her, the class would teach much more than how to read a book.

Through the course of her classes, Maneeta was taught about Jesus Christ, and she began to pursue him. Maneeta now follows the Lord daily and has led every one of her family members into a relationship with Jesus.

Another young woman, Rekha, joined a Children's Bible Club in India. Rekha, however, did not attend to better her education. Instead she was sent as a spy by her Hindu parents to prove that Christians were perverting the minds of Hindus.

Amazingly, the program had the opposite effect of what Rekha's parents had anticipated. Neither she nor her parents could find any fault with the Club. As Rekha returned every week for Bible classes, her eyes were opened to the Gospel, and she came to know Christ as her Savior. She no longer attends the Bible Club as a spy, but as a faithful leader.

These two women are encouraging inspirations in the midst of a large amount of turmoil taking place in India. Of course, the girls are both at risk now that they have chosen to follow the Lord. Pray that God would protect them in the face of violence and continue to strengthen them in His love.

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