Hope and help are being packed in Great Crates

By September 18, 2013

Philippines (MNN) — A massive outreach is coming to the Philippines.

Workers pack boxes of Christian resources at the CRI warehouse. (Image courtesy CRI)

Workers pack boxes of Christian resources at the CRI warehouse. (Image courtesy CRI)

Jason Woolford of Christian Resources International (CRI) says they’ll be sending Bibles, books and more to the islands in October 2014.

“Literally, over 100,000 people are going to be reached,” says Woolford. “Not only are we going to send over $5 million-worth of free Bibles and Christian teaching tools…in three of those locations, we’re going to be training up pastors.

“[We’ll be] feeding into their life, giving them God’s Word, but also holding a conference for them.”

Along with the five Great Crates and resources being prepared for the October shipment, an evangelistic outreach at each location will also broaden the Gospel’s reach.

“We’re excited because…we know that God says His Word will not return void,” Woolford says. It opens doors for people, he adds.

“Not only an opportunity to have their eternity set with God, but also an opportunity to have and know what God has to say about whatever situation they’re going through.”

The prevalence of Islam in the Philippines and scarcity of Scripture make a shipment like this even more crucial.

“Wherever there seems to be a stronghold of a false religion, of a demonic religion or a stronghold over people, I want to try to penetrate those areas because there must be a reason that the devil is paying close attention to that area,” says Woolford.

“About 122,000 give their lives to the Lord every day, and a majority of those people are attending churches where the pastor doesn’t even own a Bible. We want to combat that; we want to make a difference there.”

Got an extra Bible or two? Send them to CRI so they can fill those crates!

“[The] average home in America has about 6 to 9 Bibles sitting on a shelf. We ask people to take those, to share them; send them to us,” Woolford states. “And then, we take them and re-distribute them around the world.

“By doing that, we’re helping build Bible colleges, Lending Libraries, orphanages, and…truly training up these pastors and discipling them, and the people within their congregations.”

Congregations who partner with CRI experience a double blessing, Woolford says. Not only are they blessed by sending much-needed resources, pastors see a renewed interest in global missions among their church members.

“We’ve had many pastors that have come on, churches too, to support our ministry saying that it’s such a simple process,” says Woolford.

By contacting Woolford through the CRI website, you can invite him to share the heart of CRI with your congregation.

“I would just encourage those that are listening, pastors that are listening, to go to our website…and just see how God is moving,” Woolford says.

Pray for the ministry of CRI. Pray their outreach next fall spreads Gospel seeds through the Philippines.

“The devil is not happy with us, not happy with the ministry, because so many lives around the world are being impacted,” he states.

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  • I am writing to wish you and all the staff at CRI a blessed New Year. May God bless you all abundantly and make your ministry fruitful this year.

    Also I want to thank you all again for sending out the books. I want to point out very specifically that my personal spiritual life has been blessed as a result and God has used these books to strengthen my faith. Plus, I have learned things that I never before saw and that contribute to my ability to share the Gospel more effectively and answer objections.

    God bless you all abundantly. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
    Yours Faithfully,
    pastor Samuel W. Simwa.

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