Hope brought to Sierra Leone despite food crisis

By October 23, 2008

Sierra Leone (MNN) — World Hope International delivered 16 tons of rice to 310 pastors and church workers in Sierra Leone this past August. The rice also provided food for a 350-person seminar for pastors and teachers in the region.

Since rice prices have tripled in the last few months, it has been increasingly difficult for these low paid pastors to buy enough food for their families. Each recipient of World Hope's gift was given a 50 kilogram bag of rice, about enough to feed a six member family for a month. This took the burden of finding food off for a little while so pastors could refocus their attention to their congregations.

What makes this generosity so significant is that Sierra Leone is one of 33 countries across the globe that has either "alarming or extremely alarming" levels of hunger, according to the 2008 Global Hunger Index.

The Global Hunger Index of 2008 was released on October 16, World Food Day. According to their studies of countries with the highest child mortality rates and the most malnutrition, Sierra Leone received the fifth-lowest score on the list.

Clearly, any gift given to the Sierra Leone is well-needed. World Hope is also working Sierra Leone's neighbor, Liberia, who scored just a bit higher than Sierra Leone on the Global Hunger Index.

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