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Published on 05 June, 2012

Hope Center celebrates 10 years

Ukraine (MNN) — A lot can happen in 10 years. When a ministry looks back on 10 years of service, it's amazing what God has accomplished through its efforts. For Global Action in Ukraine, the Hope Center is looking back on 10 years of ministry that has touched orphans, the medical community, and prostitutes.

The Director of the Hope Center Tanya Shbygunova says, "Every year, more than 1,000 students go through our education program where we're talking about drugs, prostitution, smoking and alcoholism." Many of these students are orphans or street children.

Shbygunova says they also helped local hospitals. "More than 1,000 people received equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, electrical wheelchairs, and things like this. Hospitals received more than 100 medical beds, which are extremely needed in Ukraine."

That's not all. Shbygunova says, "We did have summer camps, and for these 10 years, more than 4,000 kids were at the Hope Center and were able to hear the Gospel. Our aim was to introduce them to Jesus — to tell them He can be their friend."

The most recent highlight is the Dream Project. "It's for girls who were involved in prostitution. We invite them to the Hope Center. They stay will us for a few months, and we help them to get an education. Yesterday, eight girls received their certificate for cosmetology. They're able to do nails, hair."

All of these efforts are rooted in the Gospel, which is why the final day of the program one girl received more than an education. "All of our staff are Christian. And we want to show them what God did in our life. It was amazing. It was the last day of our program, and one of our students became a Christian."

Because of the far-reaching impact the Hope Center has had on the region, area school officials, hospital directors, government officials, business leaders and other partners were invited to celebrate the anniversary. Shbygunova says this celebration was more than that. "We want to do more here in Ukraine. We want to show people how we can be involved — how we can volunteer, how they can take responsibility for their own conscience."

Funding is needed to help the Hope Center and all of the programming. They need sponsors for summer camps, funding for girls at the Dream Project, and support for the work they're doing with area hospitals. Click here to connect with them.


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