Hope comes with water find; crisis needs redress

By July 20, 2007

(MNN) — There's an excitement brewing in Sudan's
Darfur region, the brightest hope for peace,
with a hopeful staying power over accords.

According to research teams, a huge underground lake has
been found. The water reservoir lies
underneath a former highland lake, which has been obscured by sand. 

Low-intensity tribal conflicts, fed by decades of scarce
water and food sources, eventually blew up into a four-year civil war, where
200,000 lost their lives and over 1.5 million people have been displaced.

It's enough to make those working to find solutions
ecstatic. But it also doesn't change the
immediate problems created by the fighting in Darfur.

World Vision International's Rose Kimeu paints a grim
picture of the crisis in Darfur. Despite hopeful news of a solution to the
water wars, at least three displacement camps in South
Darfur are completely full, but the number of people fleeing the
violence in the region continues to rise.

World Vision has had to increase its food distribution sites
and expand work in several camps. They are supporting 24 temporary schools for 9,000 children;
22 Child-Friendly Spaces where
8,000 displaced children regularly visit for supervised psycho-social, sports,
and learning activities; and seven Women's
Empowerment Centers where some 4,000 women are receiving hygiene and
AIDS education, vocation skills training, and trauma support.

Security remains a serious challenge for NGOs working in Darfur. Pray for the team while acting as the hands
and feet of Christ, as they are stretched thinner yet. Click here if you can help.


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