Hope fans the flames of revival in India

By December 3, 2010

India (STM/MNN) — The northeast
monsoon has remained active longer than expected throughout Tamil Nadu. But that didn't stop evangelist Sammy Tippit from holding two pastors'
conferences and speaking of  a different kind of wind.

Nearly 2,000 pastors attended the
two conferences and found strength to hold true to the course. The first
conference was held in Madurai with about 500 pastors and leaders in attendance,
while the second was conducted in Chennai with about 1,300 leaders.

The need for respite was
obvious. While people have been more
open to the Gospel than ever before, harassment and persecution has risen
steadily, too.

Pastors need the encouragement
Tippit gave as he spoke about "running the race."
One interpreter said, "I could hardly interpret. I have been going through some
difficult times in my ministry, and this message was especially for me." Other
pastors said, "This is the message needed here."

As often happens when isolated
church leaders come together for rest and rejuvenation,
God began moving through the difficulties in these men's lives and brought
about humility with one another.

Tippit said, "God wants to send
revival to Tamil Nadu. This is where Christianity began in India. The Apostle
Thomas first brought the Gospel here. I pray that God will revive His people
during this generation."

Indian Pastor Dr. D. S. Spurgeon
also spoke to the pastors. The respected leader encouraged them to be faithful to the call that God has given them.

Hundreds of pastors responded to
Tippit's invitation to "wait upon the Lord" so that their strength could be
renewed. Many cried out to God for a deep work of the Holy Spirit in their

Tippit said, "I believe that
India could see one of the greatest revivals in the history of the church.
People are hungry. The nation is emerging as a great economic force, and it's
the largest democracy in the world. All of those characteristics place the
nation in the direct path of the wind of the Spirit."

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