Hope for victims of leprosy

By July 4, 2008

(MNN) — More than three million people in India suffer from leprosy, but
multi-drug therapy (MDT) and cataract surgery can help restore their

AMG International provides these treatments for those who
suffer from "The Living Death."  Leprosy
robs its victims of the sensation of physical pain but inflicts terrible
personal pain through stigma and isolation. 

Many cultures believe that those who contract leprosy have
been cursed by the gods and must be ostracized. As a result, leprosy sufferers lose their
families, their membership in society, and their ability to engage in gainful

The hope of Jesus Christ is available to these people
through AMG's ministry. Leprosy
sufferers are welcomed and accepted at the Valley of Love,
where they have the opportunity to work and prepare to be productive members of
society. The Valley of Love
also introduces leprosy sufferers to the Gospel, and a joyful congregation
worships there on Sunday mornings. 

Physical healing is also available to many who suffer from
leprosy. If the disease is caught in the
early stages, multi-drug therapy (MDT) has proven to be an effective cure. Six to twenty-four months of treatment are
usually needed.

AMG provides MDT and cataract surgery for leprosy sufferers
at Kadyum Hospital
in the Andra Pradesh province
of India. Victims of leprosy are particularly
susceptible to cataracts because they cannot feel the dust and dirt that gets
in their eyes and damages them. A
simple, $35 cataract surgery can restore one person's lost sight, and one month
of multi-drug therapy costs only $10.

"During His earthly ministry Jesus
demonstrated that even this dreaded condition was subject to God's power," said
Paul E. Jenks, President of AMG. "The
gracious word of Jesus brought healing to the leprous, relieved great social
pressure, and challenged the superstitions and fears of His day. In Jesus' name, that ministry continues today in India."

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