Hope in a Box for Southern Sudan

By March 31, 2010

Sudan (MNN) — Thousands of men
and women in Southern Sudan are illiterate. Most have never gone to school
because of 22 years of civil war.

The estimates on literacy range
from roughly 20% (cited by ethnologues) to just over 605 (cited by United
Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The huge variable difference doesn't take
into account which languages people are most literate in, or the locations in
which high literacy rates were found (rural vs. urban).

Even so, it is obvious that many
in the rural areas suffered from the loss of their education during the
war. Those who are Christians in these
areas would like to be able to read the Bible and hymnbooks for themselves.

Russ and Lyn Noble with Africa
Inland Missions
is responding, standing alongside the local churches.

The Nobles developed a program
that will answer many of these needs. Through the literacy box, they can help train literacy teachers and
supervisors. From there, the local
churches are helping to distribute more literacy boxes, which also open the doors to
share the Gospel.   

The boxes contain all the basics
for a literacy class and more. They hold
alphabet books, an alphabet storybook and chart, books for various reading
levels, a set of Bible story "Big Books," books of cultural stories/health/development
stories, a blackboard and two large boxes of chalk, a metal storage box and
padlock, an alphabet T-shirt for the teacher, and a Bible and hymnbook.

Reading unlocks doors and offers
a future to those who thought it was stolen by war. Even better, the future these people find through
this program is eternal. The price of
hope in a box: $100. Click here
for details.

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