Hope lives on in Congo despite Bible translation group’s relocation

By February 6, 2012

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN) — Violence in the northeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo has forced the Logo translation team to flee.

The Seed Company reports that the Bible translators now live and work in the town of Isiro. Their home area has become too dangerous, especially since they own expensive equipment like computers and printers.

At the center of the problem is the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group formed decades ago that has claimed the lives of thousands and traumatized many thousands more. The group was formed in Uganda, but now makes its home in eastern Central African Republic and northeastern Congo, where the Logo people are found.

LRA leader Joseph Kony is actively being hunted by international forces but has yet to be tracked down.

Thus, the Logo translation team is not the only group to flee their region. Many have fled the area to escape the LRA's indiscriminate burning of villages and kidnapping of children.

But the power of the Gospel cannot be held down.

Recently, church communities in the region created a center for Bible translation (CITBA ) in Isiro. This center has become a haven for translation, especially those from rebel-affected areas. This also represents a new paradigm for national churches as they engage in the central role of creating locally sensitive and locally oriented ministry materials.

To ensure that the effort has the necessary resources and infrastructure, The Seed Company installed a VAST satellite communication dish to serve all translation projects. Two Seed Company projects–the Logo and Mayogo New Testament teams–are using the system, which will remain to support translation efforts in the area for years to come.

There are few families in Congo who have not been affected by the LRA's warfare. Pray that this translation project will be a key to unlocking hope in their lives as they learn about Christ, some for the first time.

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