Hope Ministry Center to enhance already vibrant ministry

By November 24, 2010

India (MNN) — In three Indian slums in the last three years, three churches have been planted by one ministry. In the midst of crowded slums, however, there has been little room for the outreach to spread its wings.

Ministry leaders pastor Ravi and his wife, Smita, began their ministry to slum children in India three years ago. The couple found that children didn't carry the spiritual baggage or prejudices that made others in the area resistant to the Gospel. So they began educating children and teaching them the ways of the Lord.

While doing so, Ravi and Smita came up against severe persecution. Many local parents were outraged when they discovered that their children were learning the Bible, and threatened the missionary couple. Teenagers frequently heckled the husband and wife, shouting at them to leave.

Committed to the calling the Lord had given them, though, Ravi and Smita continued on. As they faithfully reached out to children, parents were coming to Christ as well. Now 60 children and adults have professed faith in Christ, and three churches have been built. The couple has ministered to about 2,000 children.

With such large numbers in such a short time, Ravi and Smita were in desperate need of a building in which to minister and worship. Enter ReachGlobal, the global missions arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

ReachGlobal decided to join hands with this faithful couple. Now ReachGlobal has recently completed the Hope Ministry Center, a building within the slums but with space enough to worship and reach out. The Hope Center includes a living space for Ravi and Smita's family and a large outdoor area for ministry. In the midst of a crowded slum there is now space to spread out.

Pray that this new building would make ministry easier for Ravi and Smita. Pray that as people are drawn to the new building and open space, they would be drawn with even more power to the Gospel. Pray that the Hope Center would be a beacon of light in a dark place.

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