Hope rises in Sudan as unreached turn to Christ

By March 1, 2024

Sudan (MNN) — A new report details hundreds of human rights violations and war crimes from 2023 as two generals grapple for control of Sudan.

Millions are displaced across Sudan after 11 months of civil war, and at least 12,000 people have died. Unknown thousands are buried in mass graves.

Meanwhile, a malnutrition crisis threatens to send the next generation to an early and preventable death; one child dies every two hours at a displacement camp in North Darfur.

Against the backdrop of war comes a story of hope. “The war has brought massive questions about Islam,” says John*, a Gospel worker focused on Sudan.

People are “not finding hope in Islam. This war is by Muslims, but they don’t seem to care about the suffering of their people.”

We can’t name John’s organization for security purposes, but it partners with Sudanese church leaders helping refugees in neighboring countries. The church leaders offer trauma healing and introduce people to the hope only Christ offers.

In one location, “40 came to know the Lord in one week, and a church has started under a tree in the open. These are Muslim background, new believers,” John says.

(Photo courtesy of unfoldingWord)

Some new Christians are the first believers in their entire people group.

“We are increasing our student body at our school to accept more of these new believers from unreached people groups so that we can ground them and connect them to the body of Christ,” John says.

John’s organization operates a discipleship school in South Sudan for new believers from Muslim contexts. “It’s a six-month residential intense program built around understanding a biblical worldview, character, Bible knowledge, and ministry skill,” John says.

“From that school, we’ve graduated 220 Muslim background believers from 26 of Sudan’s tribes.”

Pray for increased capacity so John’s organization can expand the training school student body by 20 percent to accommodate new believers from unreached tribes.

Send help to John’s organization here.




Header image is a screengrab from VOA’s Number of Refugees Who Fled Sudan for Chad Double in Week. This is a refugee camp in Chad. (Wikimedia Commons

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