“Horrific” floods hit Bangladesh before monsoon season

By June 1, 2022

Bangladesh (MNN) — In late May, Northern Bangladesh saw the worst flooding in two decades. Millions found themselves stranded as their villages and cities were inundated with water.

Millions of people remain without electricity or clean water as well. Many are desperately thirsty. The situation might get worse if water-borne illness begins to spread.

Bruce Allen with FMI says it’s not even monsoon season yet. “The pouring rain has forced 90,000 people into shelters in this area of the world. About 270 camps for people to live in have been set up until the water subsides, but it’s still just difficult to get to these camps. Some of the photos that we have been seeing are horrific. Roads are destroyed. Transportation is out of commission.

“Four hundred miles of strategic highways in that northeast section of the country are still underwater.”

This makes it incredibly difficult for first responders to reach people.

Pastor Pabok

One FMI partner, Pastor Pabok, lives in the mountains above the flooded city of Sylhet. He sees an opportunity to show the love of Jesus to those in need. Allen says, “Pray for Pastor Pabok or his church members to be able to care for other people. There are a lot of logistics that have to be surmounted. Pray the Lord clears the path and parts the Red Sea so that work can be done to meet those needs.”

Bangladesh is the world’s third-largest Muslim majority nation. Ask God to move despite the disaster.

Many of the Christians Pastor Pabok serves work as day laborers on tea plantations. They’ve lost their livelihoods because so much farmland has been destroyed. Others depend on fishing in the rivers and tributaries, and this has been disrupted as well.



The header photo shows Pastor Pabok on a tea plantation. (Photo courtesy of FMI) 

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