Hostel is Just What Girls Need

By March 27, 2007

Pakistan (MNN) — A dream of starting a girl's school in Pakistan is gaining momentum.

Jo Anne Lyon, Executive Director of World Hope International became aware of the need when the girls she sponsored finished seventh grade.  "The director of our program said
to me, ‘Well you will no longer sponsor her,' and I said ‘Why?' and she said, ‘Because there's no place for her to go to school.' I was stunned."

Lyon believes Christian girls deserve a chance to be well educated without the fear they would have at a government school.  Christian girls are very vulnerable to persecution in Pakistan during this volatile time, and therefore do not attend school.  

When World Hope started schools in Pakistan ten years ago, the situation was not so volatile.  "All kinds of madrasah schools are starting; they're proliferating.  These are schools to teach boys in Gihaad, and girls as well," said Lyon. 

The girls would live and study at the school.  So far, land and teachers are already
available.  The girls' families would pay for part of the education, while the rest would be subsidized. 

The girls are waiting for this opportunity, according to Lyon.  "They will be ecstatic. They want education, and they're so bright and so eager to learn," said Lyon. 
The curriculum would be broad-based liberal arts along with Biblical

"I think we see Pakistan on the news all the time, and we forget about the Christians that are there; they are God's people living in the midst of the terror.  I want to
say that I was just there not long ago and saw God's grace coming though in profound ways," said Lyon. 

Christians can help subsidize a young girl's education by visiting Web site of World Hope International.  Also, pray as this dream takes wings, that God would provide wisdom for those who are planning the school and for those who will teach in the future.

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