House of Damaris: a safe house for trafficking victims

By March 16, 2016

Greece (AMG) — Having served for many years in ministry to women caught in prostitution as victims of human trafficking, Dina (whose full name cannot appear here because of regulations and safety concerns) has seen the great need in Athens for safe house–a shelter for those women who desire to quit being in bondage, who want to get away and do something else with their lives.

Legalized or tolerated prostitution is a magnet for sex trafficking. (Photo, caption credit: Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department)

Legalized or tolerated prostitution is a magnet for sex trafficking.
(Photo, caption credit: Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department)

This vision for a Christian home for them–where they can stay, feel safe, learn new skills and experience the love of Christ for the first time in their lives–is, in God’s perfect timing, coming to fruition.

The House of Damaris is a Christian safe house in Greece where victims of human trafficking can stay and feel safe.

The women will also follow a daily program where they will learn about budgeting, cooking, self-esteem, and other needed skills. Most importantly, these women will learn about Christ’s love for them.

Learn more about the House of Damaris here.

Dina, who will manage the development of the community, recently sent an update on the House of Damaris. She writes,

“In our last newsletter, we shared the exciting news that Community House Damaris had found a building for our safe house and offices! It has undergone a transformation in the last few weeks as workers renovate the rooms to update facilities and provide more privacy for the girls.

AMG_House of Damaris

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During this time, our team has been busy preparing curriculum for the day program, making connections with local people who will provide our girls with free health services, and working on fundraising so that we can furnish the house as soon as possible.

God has been at work, as well! We have found the first girl who will join Community House Damaris. “A” is a Romanian girl who escaped sex trafficking.

She is a believer, and she is convinced that God saved her from trafficking for a purpose.

She wants to someday help girls like her, but she knows that she is not yet ready to do so. She will participate in our programs and counseling in the hope that eventually she will join our staff! This is a huge answer to my prayers, because I wanted someone on our team who had personal experience as a victim of trafficking.

Please also pray for our team as the opening of House Damaris approaches. What was once a dream is becoming a reality. This is wonderful, but it is also overwhelming! We are each struggling in our own way with feeling inadequate or unprepared, but I know that God has called each of us to work in this ministry. Pray that He will encourage and strengthen us as the work begins.

House of Damaris

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Please consider giving a one-time gift to House Damaris to cover the start-up costs, or perhaps setting up a monthly donation to cover our ongoing expenses.

Thank you for your ongoing support! Your prayers and encouragement mean so much to me and to our ministry.”

How you can help the House of Damaris

  • Help with the start-up cost of $33,000 for renovating the house ($3,000 each for the bedrooms and offices; $5,000 each for the kitchen, living room, and dining room).
  • Ongoing support by “adopting” one trafficking victim for $1,000 per month, or one of her children for $500/month ($4,500 total monthly need).
  • We need partners now that will take up the remaining cost of $5,000 per month—this could be reached with 10 churches or individual sponsors who will give $500 per month.
  • Help raise awareness about human trafficking in your cities and what you can do to help and pray to end sexual exploitation/trafficking and for the healing of young women and their children. Tell your friends, family, churches, co-workers, etc. about the House of Damaris!

Donate online to the House of Damaris here.

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  • My name is Tiffany. I am 21 years old and have known since I was 17 that I was supposed to help end human trafficking. I initially learned about trafficking from the a21 campaign and in that moment, I knew God had a calling on my life. I don’t know exactly what i’m supposed to do, but I know the Lord is to use me in a safe house for women and children who have come out of slavery. I have no degree, but experience with retail and business. I did missions for 7 months in England and Macedonia with an organization called Youth With A Mission. There the Lord spoke to me and said “dedicate your life to seeing the end of human trafficking” Here I am 3 years later, still living in the United States knowing that God has called me to a foreign country. Tonight I felt the holy spirit nudging me to do some research online and it brought me to your organization. If you have any use for me, use me. I’ll do anything from laundry to arts and crafts with the girls… anything that I can do without a degree. I feel the Lord is sending me permanently to work specifically with this issue, so even if I cannot be of service to your organization, please lead me in the right direction. I have an incredible passion for people and am willing to give my entire life to see the end of this modern day slavery.

    Prayers for you and your organization,

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