How a summer Bible Club in India helped Syana escape abuse

By August 10, 2023

India (MNN) — Mission India is winding down on their 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs through India’s summertime. As they celebrate how God moved in the hearts of Indian children this summer, Mission India’s Regan Miller has a powerful story to share.

Syana is a young girl in India whose parents noticed she was withdrawing, but they didn’t know why. They had no idea she was being sexually abused by her cousin.

Miller says, “When she joined a 10-Day Bible Club this summer, she learned about Jesus and how much He cared for people who were hurting.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

“She ended up talking to her Bible Club leader about it, and her Bible Club leader taught her how to say no to her cousin who was abusing her. As that just developed, she found confidence in Christ and confidence in the discipleship that her leader offered.”

Syana stood up for herself the next time her cousin made unwanted advances and he ran away. She finally told her parents everything, and her cousin is no longer able to abuse her.

The 10-Day Children’s Bible Club might be over, but today, Syana is going to church with her parents.

“Syana received Jesus as her Savior!” says Miller. “The coolest part is that when she grows up, now her hope is that her job will be focused on helping kids like her who are stuck in abusive situations.”

Mission India has launched their Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs for the school year in India, and can use your support.

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Also, Miller says, “We would invite people to pray for the kids who attended a 10-Day Bible Club this summer, that they would continue to grow in their faith. A lot of them learned about Jesus and now they get to put it into action just like Syana did.”








Header photo of Syana, courtesy of Mission India.