How do Christians serve when nothing’s safe in Pakistan?

By November 7, 2023
Pakistani Flag

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistani intelligence warns of more attacks on military bases and authorities tighten security following a weekend assault claimed by the terror group TJP. It damaged three grounded aircraft and destroyed a fuel tanker on a base in eastern Pakistan on Saturday.

While TJP focuses on Pakistan’s military, its allies – the Pakistan Taliban – often seek softer targets.

“A mosque or a church or Christian house is a soft target,” FMI’s Nehemiah says.

“Pakistan is not a war-torn country. But for Christians, living in Pakistan is like walking on the edge of a sword.”

Terrorists aren’t the only ones who pose a threat to believers. “This is the face of society in Pakistan,” Nehemiah says.

A 2017 photo of Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan.
(Wikimedia Commons)

“An English language professor in Pakistan’s largest university was hiring students [to] go and fight for ISIS. So, it’s very, very difficult to find out who is who [and] how to protect ourselves [right now.]”

Security is a constant challenge in Pakistan, yet believers press on to make Christ known. It’s not easy when the very people you want to introduce to Jesus could be plotting your death.

“Christians in Pakistan are really suffering at the moment, and this is a very, very difficult [time,]” Nehemiah says.

“Pray they find strength and endurance to continue their mission.”

Find tangible ways to help by connecting with FMI here. FMI pairs Western sponsors with indigenous Christian workers in hard-to-reach places.

“Please ask God to grant them courage and boldness [to] proclaim the Gospel despite the risks and opposition. Pray that they may stand firm in their faith.”



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