How JESUS (2025) will reach a new generation

By April 2, 2024

International (MNN) — The JESUS film of 1979 is the most-watched film in the world. Now, it’s being recreated for the next generation.

“The way that animation is taking shape today, it becomes a new opportunity to bring a new generation and new families around the world into the story of Jesus, into his life and testimony through the animation, art medium,” says Geoff Peters with Jesus Film Project. 

The team’s industry-leading animators are working with biblical theologians and archaeologists to create a historically rich and immersive work of art. They’re using an animation and game-making program called Unreal Engine to allow people to put on virtual reality goggles and step into every scene. 

(Image courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

“We’re talking about the next jump of technology that allows people to experience the gospel in a way never before possible,” Peters says. 

This reimagining of the original 1979 film will largely use the same voiceovers and script with slight tweaking. This will allow translators to rapididly work the project into the more than 2,000 languages that JESUS (1979) has already been dubbed into. 

Another critical part of JESUS (2025) is distribution. Peters says on-the-ground teams around the world are already brainstorming distribution and practical ministry plans ahead of the projected December 2025 release. 

“Because it’s not just about a film. This is a ministry tool that happens to be a film. And so being able to make those connections to, once someone sees the film, what’s the follow-up? What’s the next step? A lot of those logistics need to come together beautifully,” Peters says.

(Image courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

This is where you come in. Between now and December 2025, Jesus Film Project wants to hear from ministry leaders, church leaders, or anyone who is working with the Body of Christ in any part of the world. 

They are specifically looking for insights on how the film can be crafted in the right way or ultimately distributed in the right way to reach as many people as possible.

“Our biggest goal in this film process, we want to mobilize millions who can reach billions. We want this to be a ministry tool that the body of Christ can take, use, and get behind,” Peters says.

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Header image courtesy of Jesus Film Project. 

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