How to help the Palestinian people

By January 21, 2020

Palestine (MNN) – Despite the tension in the Holy Land, Bethlehem Bible College is working towards peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Bethlehem Bible College, a Bible college in Palestine, is seeking peace by working to empower Palestinians and spread God’s Word.

Professor Munther Isaac from Bethlehem Bible College explains that Christians are a minority in Palestine, a fact that makes spreading the Gospel more difficult. He says, “Our numbers have declined, and that should be a concern for Christians worldwide.”

He asks that anyone interested in peace begin supporting Palestinian Christians so that they can continue to preach God’s Word. “Sustain us and empower us as we promote the Gospel here, the message of a loving God who loves all equally,” he says.

Empowering Palestinians through Prayer

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One practical way to support Palestinians is to pray for them.
Isaac says, “We need to pray for everyone because God loves everyone. We need to pray for Muslims, Christians, and Jews equally. We need to pray for God’s will to prevail.”

He explains that praying for both sides of the conflict is Biblical. When Jesus taught us to pray, he taught us to pray for God’s will to happen in all situations.

Isaac points out that how we pray is important to how we act.

“What we pray for shapes the way we do activism,” he says. “If we pray for both sides, we will be interested in the welfare of both sides. And if we are deep into the subject, we will be interested in the end of the occupation, and we will pray for that.”

Visiting Local Churches

Helping Palestinians can also be done by taking the time to get to know them. When touring the Holy Land, most people visit Biblical sites but never connect with local churches.

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College.)

Visiting local churches in Palestine offers the opportunity to support Palestinians in person.
Isaac says, “It’s wonderful to visit the Nativity Church where Jesus was born, but I would argue you would be more blessed if you visit a small congregation of any tradition in Bethlehem.”

“Acknowledge our presence by visiting churches and praying with us,” he adds.
This gives tourists a chance to understand Palestinian life from Palestinian Christians themselves while supporting the Church.

“You will be blessed, and you will bless us… just by being with us,” Isaac says.

Do you want to get involved? Donate to Bethlehem Bible College here or connect with them here.

Keep Palestinians in your prayers and seek out peace initiatives in the Holy Land.
Isaac says, “What does it look like if God’s kingdom reigns in our land? I’m very positive it would include peace and reconciliation. It would include the end of one people oppressing the other.”



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