How to ‘Love Muslims’ during Ramadan

By May 1, 2019

International (MNN) — Ramadan kicks off on Sunday. It’s a holy month of fasting observed each year by many of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims.

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion and Chris Ruge — director of our sister ministry Prayercast — tells us it would take an act of God to shake the foundations of Islam. That’s exactly what he and the Prayercast team are praying for as they prepare to launch the ‘Love Muslims’ campaign on May 5, the day Ramadan begins.

“I’m asking God to do immeasurably more than any one of us can ask or imagine.”

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‘Love Muslims’ movement begins

As explained here, the ‘Love Muslims’ project began four-and-a-half years ago and resulted in the production of more than 130 videos.

“We worked with experts around the world in trying to identify different ways to pray most strategically that hearts would be changed across the Muslim world.”


Beginning Sunday, “We’re going to be releasing a brand new video every day so that we’re all praying together during those 30 days,” Ruge explains.

“Each video includes a prayer…by an MBB: a Muslim-background believer. Somebody who used to be a follower of Islam who is now a follower of Jesus Christ.”

As described on its website, “Prayercast exists to activate victorious, world-changing prayer and worship through mass media and the arts to advance the gospel to the masses.” The ‘Love Muslims’ project is an extension of that mission, providing resources the Church can use to partner with God in His Great Commission.

There are endless ways to use the video resources, Ruge continues.

“Most people like to watch videos, take all the information in, and then use that as a prompt to begin praying after the video’s over,” he says. Others use Prayercast videos as part of Sunday School lessons, or during conference sessions.

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Next steps

If you have a heart for the Muslim world, click here to sign up for daily ‘Love Muslims’ prayer emails.

“Our goal is that the Church around the world will rally together in prayer – strategic and fervent prayer – using these videos in an ongoing basis.”

Ask the Lord to move mightily through the ‘Love Muslims’ campaign. Pray Muslims seeking God’s face during this time will meet the only true Lord: Jesus Christ.



Header and story images courtesy of Prayercast.

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