How to pray as Hezbollah drags Lebanon closer to war

By November 22, 2023
Hezbollah flag

Lebanon (MNN) — Today is Lebanon’s Independence Day, marking 80 years of liberation from the French mandate. However, according to some Lebanese, the holiday is a farce.

“We don’t have independence,” Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says.

“Pray that we would be free to make our own decisions as a country and not be completely directed by Iran, as they are taking the country into places we don’t want to go.”

For example, Hezbollah – an Iranian proxy group and prominent political party in Lebanon – has dragged the country to the edge of war with Israel.

Fighting along the Israel-Lebanon border is picking up, triggering a new round of displacement. An estimated 29,000 people have fled the border area to other places in Lebanon since October 7.

Western Christians’ reaction to the Israel-Hamas war “is hindering our testimony a little bit because Muslims [see] Christians as linked to political views,” Nuna explains.

“Now, many Muslims [see] evangelism as a Zionist thing. It’s hard because Christians [are] seen as linked with the enemy.”

(Graphic courtesy of TM Lebanon)

TM Lebanon operates a House of Prayer in Beirut, along with many other programs. Today marks a special 12-hour worship and prayer session for the Body of Christ in the Near East.

Nuna describes how you can pray alongside Christian brothers and sisters in Lebanon:

“Pray for [believers on] both sides because the Body of Christ needs to be a light to the darkness around them. We’re praying that people will recognize Christ – whether from Muslim or Jewish backgrounds – and that they will encounter Christ because there is no other solution. It has to be Christ. He is the only one who [can] be peace among the peoples. We need Him to come as the Prince of Peace.”




Header image depicts Hezbollah flag. (Wikimedia Commons)

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