How to pray for Bibles for China

By November 21, 2022

China (MNN) — Bibles for China works to provide Bibles to Chinese Christians in rural areas. Despite an often-hostile government, the Chinese Church continues to grow.

Take some time to pray for this ministry. Kurt Rovenstine says, “Keep praying for the people we’re reaching out to. Because they’re the front line, pray that God would give them creativity, strength, and determination to keep getting the Word into the hands of those who read it, obey it, and allow God to transform their lives.”

Pray also for the leadership at Bibles for China. They need the wisdom to navigate the next few years. COVID-19 lockdowns continue to ebb and flow due to China’s zero-COVID policy.

It’s hard to know what the future will hold. Rovenstine says, “God continues to bless us with donations. That is an indication for us that there’s still work for us to do. We’re going to keep going through the open door in China, trying to cooperate as best we can with the leaders who are there and the opportunities that currently exist. And that’s still a great opportunity.”

“As those things shift and change, pray that we sense clearly the leadership of the Holy Spirit and taking us where we need to be in the future.”

You can support Bibles for China’s work here.

Ask God to strengthen and encourage the Church across China.



Header photo courtesy of James Wheeler on Pexels. 

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