How to share Christ at the office Christmas party

By November 26, 2018

USA (MNN) — In the U.S., many businesses large and small hold a Christmas party for their staff each year. This year, you could use that occasion to be what Jesus Film Project calls a “mobile missionary.”

Jamie Wagner serves on Jesus Film Project’s U.S. Strategy Team. She suggests using one of their short films as a starting point for deeper conversation.

“As we meet with people and we share, and we start to talk about the Gospel in their life, more and more we see people don’t necessarily want to be the center of that conversation,” Wagner explains.

“What a short film does is it takes the attention off of that person and onto this film.”

(Photo courtesy Jesus Film Project via Facebook)

On its website and app, Jesus Film Project lists several short films ranging from three to ten minutes in length. Each film has a short description and several “discussion questions” to help guide the conversation.

View the short films here.

“Most of them aren’t blatantly about the Gospel, and they’re made in such a way that begin conversations around things that all humans connect with: shame, guilt, joy, freedom,” Wagner describes.

“They really become a great follow-up for conversations as you get to know people, and [they] help bring your relationship to different levels.”

It’s all about forming relationships that later lead to Gospel conversations. Wagner says Jesus Film Project has a lot of free tools to help you do that. You can view them here on Jesus Film Project’s website.

In closing, Wagner shares the following as an example of how to start a conversation with your coworker: “When we were talking at that Christmas party, you were talking about some of the struggles your son was having and it reminded me of this short film.

“I’m going to text it to you; I’d love for you to see it. I’d love for your son to see it, and I’d also love to just follow up.”

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