Human rights groups point to war crimes in Gaza

By August 20, 2021

Palestine (MNN) — The Human Rights Watch says Israeli forces and armed Palestinian groups committed war crimes during the fighting in May.

The report investigated three Israeli airstrikes that killed 62 civilians in Gaza, with no military targets nearby. The group Hamas also fired over 4,000 unguided rockets towards Israeli territory, killing 10 people. In total, the fighting killed 260 Palestinians, including 66 children.

Yousef *AlKhouri with Bethlehem Bible College has family living in Gaza that endured the airstrikes. “The people of Gaza, the ordinary people of Gaza, are the ultimate victims of this violence. Many of them lost their houses, the only secure place where they live and protect their families. They lost their jobs. And many Christian families lost their businesses, their only source of income.”

How to pray

The violence leaves a lasting psychological mark on Gaza’s inhabitants, especially children. But there’s no promise that fighting between Hamas and Israeli forces won’t erupt again.

AlKhouri says, “We all as followers of Christ need to unite our hearts in prayer for the people of Gaza who are seeking to live in dignity and freedom. They want to live safely, where their kids and their lives could prosper. They want the end of the war.”



The header photo shows damage to Gaza during the fighting this spring. (Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College on Facebook) 

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