Human slavery is more of an issue than ever

By January 2, 2017

International (MNN) — Slavery was outlawed in the U.S. over 150 years ago, yet there are more people enslaved in the world today than ever.

(Photo courtesy WMP)

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

According to the International Labor Organization, there are nearly 21 million people trapped in slavery today — including forced labor and sex trafficking. It’s estimated to be a $150 billion business.

“There are people being lured over here, and if you research it, it’s crazy,” Joe Chadburn, Ambassador Network Coordinator of World Missionary Press, says. “Homeless people, teenage runaways, people who are being trafficked from overseas. There are so many things that are happening, and there are refugees who have come over here. They don’t have a place, and really they need to be touched with the love of Jesus.”

That’s where World Missionary Press is making a difference. They’re partnering with numerous organizations reaching out to both victims of human slavery and refugees to provide the Gospel in their languages.

“Right here in our own country there are so many refugees who have never heard the Word of God, and what an opportunity to share with them,” Chadburn says. “When they can get the Word in their own language, it’s powerful. So I’ve been linking up with refugee ministries and ministries that are ministering to human trafficking victims. There’s more slavery right now in the world than there’s ever been at any point in time.”

World Missionary Press produces a variety of Scripture-by-subject booklets in over 340 languages with the goal of giving refugees hope and helping them recognize their purpose.

(Photo courtesy WMP)

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

“It’s huge when we can get Scripture booklets into their hands in their own language, of course,” Chadburn says. “It just reminds them, it’s a taste of home, and most people are going to read something when they see something that’s familiar in their own language. And then on top of that, it’s showing them God’s love for them, His original intention for their lives, and how He loves them.”

Human slavery is a worldwide epidemic that occurs in all 50 U.S. states. It exists in numerous forms and often happens in plain sight, so it’s important to learn and recognize the signs.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of organizations and ministries dedicated to ending human slavery and providing hope for victims. Click here to learn more about World Missionary Press’ involvement with these organizations, and click here to see how you can raise awareness for World Missionary Press’ work.

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