Humanitarian crisis builds in Mozambique flood zone.

By February 20, 2007

(MNN) — Flooding in Mozambique
could worsen as the rainy season gets under way.

Several weeks of flooding displaced more than 87,000 people
in the Zambezi river valley.  In the more
remote areas, there are thousands who have not received food aid or  clean drinking water. There's now a concern
that waterborne diseases such as malaria and cholera are looming, especially
with the lack of sanitation.

With a humanitarian crisis brewing, many mission aviation
groups have diverted their efforts to the emergency.  As a number of evacuation centers were not
accessible by road, the only way to get food and other supplies to the refugees
was by air.

Audio Scripture Ministries' Tom Dudenhofer says it has
affected them indirectly, as well. "Our international technical project
coordinator was supposed to fly into Mozambique
and the airplanes that he was to use, operated by Mercy Air, had been set aside
because they were involved in doing survey work and relief work for the
flooding in the northern part of Mozambique."   

Dudenhofer says their project will face slight delays.  Their coordinator will have to find his way
to his destination by roadway.  So far,
most of that area is untouched by flooding. However, depending on the dialect
they are trying to record Scripture in, the readers may be hampered by
impassable, flooded roads.

Even so,  ASM could be
one of the fortunate ministries, able to pack a portable studio, if needed.  But, not everyone comes through a major
crisis like this unscathed.  Dudenhofer,
again: "I think people should pray for the work that's going on in the flooded
areas. Something like this always is a disruption to a very fragile
infrastructure. Just pray for safety and wisdom as those involved in sharing
God's good news try to sort out what their next step has to be."

ASM is partnering with missionaries and a national Bible College
in Mozambique
to help build a recording studio that will help with future evangelistic work.  They've decided to train a technical team able
to record more Scriptures, Bible stories, and other tools that can be used by
the Bible school graduates.

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