Humanitarian crisis unravelling in Zimbabwe; missions team responds.

By April 3, 2007

Zimbabwe (MNN) — Zimbabwe is facing the triple
threat of food shortage, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. Unemployment is as high as 80%.

These problems are exacerbated under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe. Aid agencies are
alarmed because this threatens the most vulnerable people in the country. But in the midst of such pain, God is moving in
people's hearts.

Global Aid Network's Tim Burns says their team just returned
from a trip to the city of Mudzi
located in the Northeast part of the country. They were there providing basic medical care.

In many cases, they were involved with medical/health screening, basic clinical
treatment of minor injuries and ailments, and the distribution of
compassionate aid. No surgeries were
performed, although in cases where they were warranted, the team made sure the
patient not only was referred, but covered.

In addition to the medical work, there was also a strong
element of evangelism. The team was
among the first to show the JESUS Film there. As a result, "Over
1500 people, over four and a half days, gave their life to Christ. They're very receptive to the Gospel, very
open, especially when they see the love of Jesus not just in words, but in
action, by Christians pouring out their love and attending to their

What now? Burns says, "One of the main objectives of us
going in was primary care and medical care, sharing Jesus, but secondly, to
soften the soil for the missionaries and the churches that are already there,
and to give them an open door to continue ministering long after we've

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