Humble Service, Thankful Missionaries

By May 14, 2007

Guatemala (MNN) — Three Canadian mission teams came with willing hearts to serve in Guatemala
earlier this year.

As HANDS teams (Helping Another Nation Develop Schools), a ministry of Worldwide Christian Schools , they began construction on a new school.  According to a long-time missionary in Guatemala, Loren Anderson, the teams all came saying, "We came to serve."

The day after their long trip form Canada to Guatemala, they got right to work cleaning out an old two-story building.  They moved broken cement blocks and old wood all day to complete the task.

Later, they laid blocks, moved dirt and bent steel to help with the concrete-pouring of the third floor.

The teams continually said this according to a letter from Anderson.  Not only did they do physical labor they were a spiritual blessing to the missionaries in Guatemala.  "On the last night of devotions, the pastor brought out a water basin and washed the feet of the Guatemalan leadership," said Anderson's letter.  The teams also shared testimony
about their conviction that Christian schools were key to the relationship between church, family and school.

"I want to thank Worldwide Christian Schools for sending down those three teams," Anderson said.  "I don't know where we would be without them.  Who can calculate the price of the work and contribution of these teams?"

More HANDS teams are needed between July and December 2007.  Click here to get involved.

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