Hundreds come to Christ in the Philippines

By April 13, 2004

Philippines (MNN) — In a time where terrorism is the hot topic of the day evangelism continues to provide answers for those looking for truth. That’s what happened over the weekend in the Philippines. That’s a country that has seen its share of terrorist violence in recent months.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit just returned from that country where he reports a wonderful time of ministry. Tippit says, “God worked in a wonderful way. We ministered to nearly 30 different tribal groups. Several hundred people came to Christ.”

Tippit travels to the world preaching the Gospel in areas that are hard to reach with the Gospel. He says Christ reach some this week. “We saw some unreached tribal groups come to know Christ. It was really exciting. I felt like we were on the cutting edge of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission.”

A 3 minute DVD showing what God did is available. Go to their web site and request a copy.

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