Hundreds hear Gospel, future Russian outreach in question

By January 26, 2007

Russia (MNN) — With Russian Christmas past Christians are
celebrating the work God did during their Christmas Evangelism project.  However, it's being tempered by their concern
for a new religion law that takes affect on April 15.

According to reports, passage of Russia's "Law on
Non-Governmental Organizations." would require non-governmental
organizations (NGOs)–including churches — to register with special state
agencies, supply details of membership, provide sources of funding and provide
a record of all meetings.

Slavic Gospel Association's David Genn just returned from
Christmas outreach and he's concerned. "We're praying that God would stay
the implementation of this. This is just another one of the activities that
Satan is attempting to use to limit the church from doing the activities that
God has called us to do."

One of those activities is the Immanuel's Child program and
the Christmas Evangelism campaign. Genn says Christmas Evangelism is conducted
by the local church. "They attempt to go out into the neighborhood and
find unbelievers and invite them to the local church, to give gifts to their
children, hear a cantata, a presentation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus."

This year, SGA was able help more than 10,000 young people
this year. Genn says he was moved by outreach in the Belgrade region of Russia.
A church reached out to about 40 mentally impaired kids. "I was told for
the first time they heard the Gospel. Then as they were given these gifts they
seemed to light up. Then on the inside of each one of the bags is what we call
and Immanuel's Star that says 'God Loves You." And, to see the child hold
that up — that's what's it's all about."

Genn is asking Christians to pray that the law would be
stayed because they have even more humanitarian work they do throughout the
year. "We involved with Russians Reborn that local churches are equipped
to go out to the orphanages on weekly basis to reach the children with the
Gospel and disciple them. (We also have) a street ministry."

That street children ministry is needed, says Glenn,
because, "There's about one-million children in orphanages, but there's
well over three million street children. So, there's tremendous need over
there." Genn says if the law is allowed to go into effect and is enforced
it would cause great problems for their ministry.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that the law would be stayed by the government.
  • If is does become effective April 15, pray that Christians
    will find favor with local authorities.
  • Pray for continued funding for their humanitarian efforts.

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