Hundreds of children drawn to launch of Ecuador’s Bible Marathon

By October 16, 2007

Ecuador (MNN) — Last week in Quito, Ecuador, hundreds of children flocked in order to hand write a single verse into a giant Bible.

The giant Bible will be traveling all over Ecuador for International Bible Society-Send the Light Mission and HCJB Global's partner Bible Marathon Project. "That was a surprise for us because the response was greater than we imagined and anticipated," said Dr. Luciano Jaramillo, IBS-STL's Latin American director.

Within the next year, they hope to have an entire Bible handwritten, one verse at a time, by the people of Ecuador. The marathon will be promoted throughout the country via radio and television announcements. 

When it is completed, the Bible will be displayed in HCJB Global's Ministry Center in Quito, and copies will be presented to the government to be displayed in the executive and legislative branches. 

Jaramillo said the Bible will travel through the country, and at each stop there will be a celebration including such things as live music and Bibles for distribution to those that attend.  "[Attendees] will be able to learn a little more about the Bible. There also will be people that will contact them, and they can ask questions. This is education as well as interactive experience," Jaramillo said.

The project promotes the relevance of the Word of God, especially for children who are the majority of those who've participated thus far. "With so many worldly and even bad things through the mass media, TV, and radio, this movement is a way that children and young people can know about the context of the Bible and the message of the Word of God that has a
special meaning for them.

"Through participation in this event, they can physically write by their own
hand a verse of the Bible. They have an opportunity to learn a little more
about the Bible," Jaramillo added. 

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