Hundreds of protestors hit the streets in Cap Haitien

By September 24, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — Right now, the world's poorest country bears a striking resemblance to the Middle East: streets full of angry protestors, burning tires, and shooting sprees. Haiti isn't making global headlines, said Eva DeHart with the ministry, For Haiti with Love, but the streets are closed in Cap Haitien.

"No vehicles are allowed on the roads because of rock-throwing and tire-burning and shooting," said DeHart.

A huge spike in food prices drove hundreds of protestors into the streets last week. The unrest started in Cap Haitien, Haiti's second-largest city, but soon spread to Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes.

"It is different from the rest of the world," DeHart explained. "In Haiti, it started over the price of food: the almost overnight 20% increase in food prices is out of the reach of the poor, and protesting is the only way they know to get attention."

Crowds gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office in Port-au-Prince to protest hunger.

"If you see us here today, it is because the government isn't doing anything," a protestor told Defend.HT.

A container with 43,000 pounds of food is at the For Haiti headquarters, but the workers can't reach it because the roads are closed. DeHart said they've alerted security. The container also held supplies for this year's yuletide celebration. Each year, For Haiti holds a Christmas party for poverty stricken children and their parents.

Ask God to surround the For Love headquarters with His protection.

High living costs aren't the only reason Haitians are unhappy. Defend.HT said nationals took to the streets on Wednesday to protest against the deterioration of living conditions and a series of empty promises. Dozens of young people held a 24-hour sit-in against corruption, and thousands more went on strike in Las Cayes.

In this regard, DeHart had a seemingly unusual prayer request.

"We can ask everyone to pray for heavy rains in Cap [because protesters] always cut and run if it rains," she said.

If left unaddressed, protests could grow into riots, insurgency, or political/social revolution. Please pray for peace in Haiti.

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