Hunger affecting Haiti goat project

By March 19, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — There is much aftermath from the dock strike that is halting containers headed to Haiti. For Haiti with Love is seeing the effects.

FHWL was given money this past Christmas to purchase four goats for needy families as a part of their goat project. They waited to give the goats to the families, however, until after the holidays so that they would not be eaten as a feast for the holidays. 

Now, no food from outside the country is coming in, and prices are rising. No food means people have resorted to eating the goats, and rising prices mean that goats which once cost $65 are now selling for $115. 

With money tight, people have found any way they can to make what they can. Some have begun selling individual pieces of gum out of a pack. Others are measuring small portions of sugar into paper twisted at the top to sell in more affordable quantities. Despite all their tedious work, these efforts provide very little income.

A woman named Joanna Joseph received a goat from FHWL this year. She has three children ages 11, 9, and 8, and she does everything she can to provide for them. One of her jobs is to "mind the store" for vendors in the street market who need to do other things for a time. 

The goat project helps many people just like Joanna. FHWL asks that you pray during this difficult time. 

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