Hurricane Dean menaces Mexico and U.S.

By August 21, 2007

International (MNN) — Hurricane Dean now threatens to wreak
havoc in Mexico.
Computer models predict that the storm could arrive as a category five, after
having a deadly swipe at Jamaica,
Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

almost been a sigh of relief as the storm skirted Haiti. Francois de la Roche, World Vision's
emergency response director in Latin America and the Caribbean,
says, "These countries are especially vulnerable because they are already
struggling with chronic poverty."

A storm the size of Dean could have been devastating in the Caribbean. It has already
been blamed for at least seven deaths across the Caribbean islands, including
two killed in Haiti.
Six homes were destroyed and 200 damaged in Haiti as well, although no major
mudslides or floods were reported.

World Vision strategically positioned relief supplies in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and they have staff
on the ground responding.

With 50,000 sponsored children on the island of Hispaniola,
the team is now acting as the hands and feet of Christ and thanking the Lord
for safety.

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