Hurricane hits U.S. again

By September 2, 2008

USA (MNN) — As it prepares to mark the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Southern Gulf Coast of the United States was hit again — this time Hurricane Gustav hit with incredible power. Much of the U.S. braced for the impact. Most of the activities for the Republican National Convention were suspended due to the storm.

Many Christian humanitarian organizations are already planning assistance in the region. However, it's too early to give specifics of what they'll be doing. Search and rescue is taking place in some areas, while clean-up is moving forward in areas outside ground-zero.

Mission Network News is asking you to take time today to pray for the victims and the families of Hurricane Gustav. Pray that God will use this situation to draw many to Himself. Pray also that God will use Christian organizations to be the hands and feet of Christ as they provide assistance. And pray that many will reach out with compassion and that political infighting would be kept to a minimum during this time of tragedy.

Come back to Mission Network News all week as we provide updates on how YOU can help during this time of crisis.


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