Hygiene relief kits vital for tornado survivors

By May 27, 2011

USA (MNN) — The worst tornado to hit the United States in decades took at least 125 lives last weekend. Many estimate that 2011 may shape out to be the worst tornado year in U.S. history.

Sources say over 900 have been reported injured. As of yesterday, over 230 people are still missing after the Joplin, Missouri storm.

Hundreds of families remain homeless after 200 mph winds demolished entire communities. They have been left without homes, but even without simple items necessary for staying healthy.

In an attempt to restore at least the most basic of needs to families in the devastated region, Buckner International is collecting humanitarian aid kits to send to Joplin. Buckner‘s humanitarian aid arm is rallying to send a variety of emergency items to victims.

Buckner urges churches and organizations to get involved. "The need is so urgent," says Buckner's director of humanitarian aid, Matt Asato. "People have literally lost everything they have, including the things like hygiene products they need for their health."

The kits sent will focus on hygiene. Each kit should be packed in a two-gallon zip-lock bag and should include the following: hand towel, wash cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, bar of soap, comb/brush, shampoo, bandages (travel size or larger), tissues (two travel-pack size), shaving razor, shaving cream, antiseptic wipes (i.e. "Wet Ones"), tampons or pads (18 or more).

Kits can be sent to the Buckner Center or Humanitarian Aid at 5405 Shoe Drive, Mesquite TX 75149. Delivery hours are Monday-Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This is an easy way for even individual families to get involved and share Christ's love with those who are suffering sudden loss. Pray over the kits you pack, and ask God to bring victims to Himself, even as they receive this loving gift.

Donate online, or for more information, call the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid at (214) 328-7463.

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