‘I Am Second’ grows worldwide

By March 7, 2011

USA (MNN) — Videos, a Web site, a slogan, and a passion for the lost and hurting. All of those things encompass I Am Second. It's a campaign borne out of E3 Partners' passion for lost souls and the desire of a supporter to see more people in Dallas, Texas turn to Christ.

It began last year, and already God is doing incredible things through the program, says E3 Partners Director of Communications, John Humphrey. He says I Am Second has grown to a worldwide movement.

The slogan "I Am Second" makes people curious. When they go to IAmSecond.com, through video they see well-known celebrities talk about their faith in Christ, Humphrey says. "And that's the starting point to see authentic stories from faithful people–both known and unknown folks–who are just sharing what the Lord Jesus has done in their lives."

Humphrey says, "That's the first step in drawing them deeper into a relationship with Jesus Christ. And on the Web site they can be drawn to a deeper explanation of the Gospel [and] how to connect with local churches and local groups."

It's also a great tool for believers. You can use it as a starting point in evangelism. Or, "The believer may want to go even further and start a small group, outreach group, or discipleship group, using some very simple tools that we actually pioneered in the mission field."

Young people are actively using the I Am Second program–high school students included. "They've gone ahead and contacted friends at other high schools to start other groups. And the same thing at the college level. We actually have college students who are doing road trips on their own to other campuses where they have friends to go ahead and put on an I Am Second training for small groups on those campuses."

You can see videos from professional baseball players, former rock stars, movie stars, and average people talking about their relationship with Jesus Christ. Go to IAmSecond.com.

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