I Am Second tells stories of struggle and faith

By September 1, 2022

USA (MNN) — Real stories, real struggles, and real faith journeys told in video format. That’s the goal of I Am Second, a ministry wing of e3 Partners.

John Humphrey explains how it began in the Dallas Fort Worth area in 2008. “We launched really with the idea of presenting a website where people could see authentic stories of people that they had heard about or people that were like themselves, talking about their faith in a dynamic way. [We wanted to] connect that story with what Christ could do in their own lives.”

Since then, the ministry expanded to reach audiences around the country. They began working with recognizable figures like rap artist Lecrae, baseball player Albert Pujols, and singer Carrie Underwood. Check out the full video collection here.

I Am Second isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues, from sexual abuse to racial discrimination. Humphrey says, “And yet, we still don’t get into the counseling aspect. We’re there to lift up Christ, and to lift up how he can work in people’s lives. [We want to] allow, in those instances, people to see an alternative to their reality that they’re experiencing.”



Header photo courtesy of I Am Second on Facebook.