IBS-Bulgaria moves into the public schools.

By March 23, 2005

Bulgaria (MNN)–In 1990, Communist domination ended in Bulgaria. Since then, the country joined NATO in 2004. And, on April 13th, there’s a vote on the indispensable approval of the European Parliament for Bulgaria and Romania to sign accession treaties with the EU.

The country got on the fast reform track in the hopes of speeding that process along. Typically, according to human rights watchdog groups, that often means more religious freedoms.

Whatever the pattern, International Bible Society-Bulgaria got timely permission to start religion classes in the public schools.

IBS’ Tanya Georgieva says not only did they get the ‘ok’ for religion classes, they got input on the curriculum. “My First Bible is a textbook for first and second grade. We donate the books to the ministry of education, and they have given us permission, which is printed in the Bible, that the distribution is legal.”

Georgieva says the exposure to the Gospel spreads quickly. “When our children see the book, even if they don’t attend religious classes, they start asking their parents to let them. The number of the children who have started attending religious classes has increased after they have received the books.”

Pray God’s wisdom for IBS-Bulgaria’s leadership staff who strive to serve even more people in spiritual need. Ask God to guide and protect them and their families.

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