IBS provides hope to combat addiction

By December 13, 2006

USA (MNN) — Recent news highlights a prevalent problem among Christians. According to surveys by George Barna and Christianity Today, 40 percent of pastors and 70 percent of Christian laymen have viewed pornography within the past 60 days.

More than 50 million people in the U.S. are addicted to something, and for those who’ve lost a pastor or friend to any addiction, the statistics are far too high.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how we dress or act on Sunday, our churches are filled with the wounds and brokenness of addiction,” comments Mike Richards, Jr., who spearheaded the development of International Bible Society (IBS) The Journey of Recovery ministry tools.

“Addiction appears to be just as prevalent inside the church as it is outside,’ Richards says. “And with questions arising from recent news events, it’s not surprising many people are asking some very difficult questions, including ‘What do I do about my own personal challenges no one knows about?'”

There is hope for people with sexual and other kinds of addictions. This is the message of IBS’ The Journey of Recovery New Testament, DVD, and soon-to-be-released leader’s guide. According to the emotionally moving, true stories found in these resources, people can experience God firsthand in their recovery from addiction.

Providing the real hope and help of God’s Word, IBS combines ageless Scripture with true-life stories of recovering addicts who have connected with God’s eternal truths. Dr. Mark Laaser, author of Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction and co-author of IBS’ The Recovery Leader’s Guide, says, “The heart of these recovery tools are God’s presence and grace reaching out to those who have suffered from the wounds of addiction and addictive relationships.”

The Recovery Leader’s Guide that IBS will release in January contains helps for pastors, church leaders, and ministries to build and expand effective, Christ-centered recovery and support group ministries. For more information on how your church or organization can become involved, please contact IBS or visit http://journeyofrecovery.org.

Pray the God will use these new resources to bring many people hope that can only be found in Christ alone.

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