IBS-STL author wins recognition

By May 26, 2008

International (MNN) — Outreach Magazine recently named the book One Cross, One Way, Many
Journeys: Thinking Again About Conversion,
by missiologist David Greenlee,
its Global Outreach Resource of 2008. The book was published by Authentic Publishing, a division of International Bible Society/STL

Greenlee draws on 27 years of missions experience to discuss
the concept of conversion, especially as related to controversies in South
Asia, Europe, and the Islamic world. The book discusses whether conversion is a
process or a particular point in time, and whether the term “conversion” should
be used in a tolerant, pluralistic, globalized world. 

European traditional religion and post-modern “tolerance”
usually prefer not to “tolerate” Christian conversions. Converting to Christianity is an extremely dangerous
thing to do in South Asia and the Islamic

Greenlee was raised in South America
by missionary parents. He has served in
70 countries with Operation Mobilization and is now the International
Research and Strategy Associate for Operation Mobilization. He currently resides in Switzerland and teaches in Europe and Latin America. 

Best-selling author and pastor Stuart Briscoe said,
"[Greenlee] has studied the subject deeply, but is no ivory tower
theologian, having served for 27 years in some of the most challenging
countries in the world. The results chronicled in One Cross, One Way, Many
, [are] a series of thoughtful, provocative, helpful insights that
will prove to advance the Kingdom work of evangelism in many parts of the world."

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