IBS teams up to give the gift of Scripture.

By November 16, 2005

USA (MNN)–Despite the complaints against ‘City Reachers’, the International Bible Society is moving forward.

Almost a year after their historic effort in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they’re ready to do it again. Last December, approximately 100,000 Colorado Springs homes got the gift of Scripture in the wrappers of their local newspaper, The Gazette. (see picture) This may have been the largest Christian outreach in the area in decades.

By a margin of two to one, response was favorable, although there were members of the community who shot letters to the editor protesting the gift.

Overall, the project was so successful, IBS’s Bob Jackson says they’re going to do it again. IBS distributes a copy of the New Testament that is customized for a particular city. “There are pictures of landmarks on the cover, and there are articles about the city inside, and then there are also testimonies from two people in that city as to how the word of God has affected them concerning their Christian walk.”

Jackson explains that while they have 20-30 requests from various cities to include in the project, they have a half dozen projects in the works.

He says it has taken about seven months to launch the next one. “There is a five-town area to the south of Las Vegas in the Laughlin, Nevada; Bullhead City, Arizona; Needles, California, area that we will be doing a distribution on December 11th. About 20-thousand homes will be affected.”

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