ICC ruling could unhinge Sudan’s peace

By March 9, 2009

Sudan (MNN) — In the wake of the International Criminal Courts actions last week, Sudan has taken aggressive action that will affect the lives of thousands and perhaps millions of people. It's also going to affect Christian outreach at various levels, too.

Matt Parker with Kids Alive International just returned from Sudan. He says the ICC issued a warrant against President Omar al-Bashir for war crimes. Parker says, "This potentially has far-reaching implications for our work and for many NGOs (non-government organizations) and the whole political situation in Sudan."

According to Parker, there have been demonstrations in Sudan both in support and opposition to the president. "At the moment the situation is under control. We pray it will stay that way. In many ways this could potentially threaten a lot of the talks for peace [including] the peace treaty that was signed between the North and the south several years ago."

If that is unhinged, Parker believes the entire country would be destabilized.

At least 13 relief organizations have been asked to leave because al-Bashir believes these groups were instrumental in providing evidence again him in Darfur. Parker says, "Obviously that has huge implications on a large number of people. A lot of refugees, a lot of children, [and] the poorest of the poor are going to be affected by this, especially in the Darfur area which has just been ravaged by the affects of war."

Kids Alive runs children's homes for orphaned children in Sudan in both the North and the South. Parker says they are prepared for this unrest. "We've ordered extra food in. Our home managers and director in Sudan are monitoring the situation very closely. At the moment, everyone is staying very close to home. They're trying to stay off the streets."

However, the unrest isn't stopping the plans of Kids Alive to build two more children's homes in Sudan.

In the midst of the uncertainly, Parker says there is certainty one thing they talk about. "It does give us opportunities to share our faith [and] to share [that] with the children that we work with. Even though there is instability around, they do have a heavenly Father on whom they can rely and they can trust."

Funding is needed for these two homes. If you can help financially, click here.

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