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Published on 26 July, 2012

Illiteracy creates need for audio Bibles

India (MNN) — What if you had a Bible but couldn’t read it? Can you imagine not having any way to unlock the message of God’s Word?

That’s how it is for many people in India: more than 60% of them cannot read.

In addition, more than 1,650 languages are spoken in India, but Bibles are only available in around 200 of those languages.

For Christians in India, there is a large demand for audio Bibles in all different translations.

Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) works to meet this need with their national ministry partners WCOI. ASM sends out the shipments of 500-1,000 Scripture players, and WCOI distributes them to individuals and families.

However, ASM missionary JP S. reported that each time they ship off another load of Scripture players, each one is already spoken for.

In distribution, WCOI often has difficulty deciding where the players should go since often some people are turned away.

ASM’s goal is to place one audio Bible in the home of 25,000 families. So far, they have placed Scripture players in nearly 13,000 homes.

There is an immediate demand for 7,500 more Scripture players. Each audio unit costs $50.

The hunger for God’s Word is so great that a group of young people in India are giving sizable funding toward the needs of WCOI distributing audio Scriptures. But even this, on top of all the other support ASM and WCOI receive, isn’t enough.

Pray for ASM’s ministry and that many would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as a result of hearing God’s Word. Pray for their ministry to grow with incoming funding.

If you’d like to support audio Scriptures for India, click here.

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