IMM’s Gospel media enables Christians to be storytellers

By March 24, 2020

International (MNN) — Everybody loves a good story, and Christians should be the best storytellers of all because we have the most amazing story to tell – the story of Jesus. International Media Ministries (IMM) creates quality Gospel story videos for distribution in multiple countries and they want more people to use their content to share Jesus with others.

Denise Godwin with IMM says, “One of the things we’re doing at International Media Ministries is equipping people who maybe don’t have all the ability to go out and buy a big studio or a media package of things, but maybe they have a cell phone. So we’re giving them training in very basic storytelling with a mobile phone.


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“This gives them the opportunity to go home to their own culture — or if we’ve come in — to train them to do media stories just from their cell phone; really simple local stories that have a lot of influence.”

One of the people groups IMM is trying to help reach is the Diaspora — people who have fled to Europe from their home countries because of unrest. The people fleeing to Europe and even further West come from diverse backgrounds and languages.

Godwin encourages Christians to see this influx of refugees with Great Commission eyes. “What a great opportunity for local missions workers to reach whole new people groups, and they can do that by using media! So we’re training people who maybe think of themselves as a church planter or just a local person to use their phone to tell a story that catches people’s eyes and gets them interested in what they have to share about hope in Christ.”

For example, if you want to share the Gospel with a friend from Sudan, “Find a video online from a ministry that is in, say, a Sudanese language but it has subtitles in English so you both can understand it and then have a conversation.”

(Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries)

Believers can also use social media creatively to share the Gospel. You can share IMM’s videos on social media, create memes with Bible verses, or even connect with IMM on Facebook.

Even just by building relationships with others, who knows how God will open doors for you to talk about how the Lord has changed your life? Once those doors are open, you can use IMM’s Gospel media to further the conversation.

IMM is always working on new media projects and they could use your support. Godwin says, “The spring isn’t always our best time financially, but the work has to continue all year. So if you have the opportunity and that’s in your heart,…it’s really important to give at the times of year that maybe don’t seem as popular.”

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Also, Godwin asks for your prayers. “Pray for the missions workers. As the spring develops, they’re going to be heading into Easter activities and many people will be curious about that. So it’s an important time to be upholding the special efforts of people during this season.”

(Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries)

Also, she says, “We would covet at International Media Ministries your prayers as we work on these templates to expand the Gospel into many more places — that we not get attacked nor weary in the project.”

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Header photo courtesy of International Media Ministries.

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