IMM partners ask God to open doors in Sri Lanka

By August 12, 2022

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Sri Lanka’s former president hides behind diplomacy in Southeast Asia as people in his country starve.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled to Singapore when protestors stormed his house in July. Now, he’s left Singapore and is allegedly heading to Thailand, using a diplomatic passport to bypass visa laws.

Meanwhile, desperation grows in Sri Lanka. Fuel and food shortages worsen daily, affecting members of every social class. “You see a pretty deep breakdown in the supply chain,” International Media Ministries’ Denise Godwin says,

“Our connections are ‘middle class’ for that part of the world, yet [they] are now cooking in their yard on [whatever] they can burn, like coconut skins.”

Protests over fuel and food shortages reached a climax in April, and conditions have only declined. Today, the United Nations says 6.3 million people in Sri Lanka lack reliable access to food.

IMM partners want to share Christ in word and deed, but they need the Lord to open doors of opportunity.

Sri Lanka highlighted in red.
(Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

“One of their (prayer) requests is to help them find a way to get through the bureaucracy and get the containers of food out of the ports. The U.S. is inclined to send more but can’t until these get moved,” Godwin explains.

“We pray that they (IMM partners) would have favor with the authorities to get these food containers out to the people.”

Pray believers will have wisdom and discernment as they interact with Sri Lankan authorities.

“The (political) winds are changing every few days, and they (believers) don’t always know what they’re going to be dealing with. Pray for them to persevere and to be salt and light in a season where all the people around them are suffering,” Godwin requests.

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