Immanuel’s Child bringing Christmas hope to children in need

By November 25, 2020

Russia (MNN) – Christmas and Easter are two main holidays for professed Christians, but what about the rest of the year? For many, life continues without God as the focus. Slavic Gospel Association is hoping to change that.

“We’re equipping the churches to not only provide a gift, a Bible and additional resources for their programs but also to provide teaching materials and the opportunity to not only reach out during Easter but to, with these materials, disciple the child year-round,” Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations, says of the Emmanuel’s Child program.

“Regretfully, in our mindset, we Americans tend to live from event to event.”

Photo courtesy of the SGA Facebook page

During the Christmas season, SGA partners with churches to provide a gift to a child, as well as having an American family commit to praying for that child throughout the year. That child then gets a paper star with the name of the family that is praying for them.

“It is amazing to see children that will set aside their gift and, holding their Bible, ask for a translation of the name of the family on that star and hear about the name of someone on the other side of the world who is actually praying for them,” Mock says. “Time and time again we see that although the gift may fall from memory, the reality, the knowledge that an American family that is praying for that family is even more powerful.”

A $25 donation provides a child with a Christmas gift, a Bible, continued follow-up from a local believer, and a Bethlehem star with your name on it. “It is a tremendous opportunity by which we’re enabling churches to take the Gospel to a child that may not have Christmas any other way,” Mock says.

The ministry knows that the best way to reach people in another country is by using locals to preach the Gospel. “By equipping the local church, we’re working with those who have a heart for their own people and know their language, understand their culture, live among them, and we enable them to be fruitful for the sake of the Gospel,” he says.

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Feature photo courtesy of the SGA Facebook Page

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