Immediate relief for lives impacted by HIV/AIDS

By October 17, 2008

Ethiopia (MNN) — In one of the most destitute areas of Ethiopia, Bethany Christian Services is offering life-sustaining support.

Food, clothing, shelter, and education are being provided by Bethany for the children and families of Kolfe-Keranio. Women receive assistance through vocational training. Two-year training programs in sewing and knitting provide opportunities for employment and a path to long-term independence.

Estimates reveal that 15% of the 420,000 people living in Kolfe-Keriano suffer from HIV/AIDS. Acute social problems are on the rise due to this ever-increasing pandemic: unemployment, child abandonment and labor, and poor living conditions. Bethany strives to better the lives of children living in conditions such as these by providing relief and education.

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