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By February 10, 2017

International (MNN) — Many people think you have to be a missionary to have a significant impact on the mission field. But the truth is, you can have an impact on the spread of the Gospel — whether you’re right on the field or supporting from afar.

Jason Woolford of Christian Resources International says people who support their ministry are empowering missionaries overseas and resourcing Christians with the Word of God. And the best part is, most everyone has the ability to get involved.

The impact of giving

Mission Cry Magazine (Image courtesy of Christian Resources International).

Mission Cry Magazine (Image courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Every quarter of the year, CRI sends out their Mission Cry magazine. One of the pictures on the cover is of a group of Haitian boys. Woolford says one time, he had a magazine sent back to him with one of the children in that picture circled. Along with the magazine came a note from their contact in Haiti: The boy in the picture is named Jonny.

In 2009, CRI and the woman who mailed the magazine with the note had worked together to distribute Bibles and Christian books in Haiti.

Woolford says, “With those books and those Bibles, this little boy was so excited about getting the Word of God and having a Bible. And he got saved and he was excited about sharing extra copies of Bibles and Christian books to his village and friends in Haiti.”

Sadly, when the earthquake struck a year later, Jonny was crushed by a building and passed away. But even under this immense sadness, Woolford says, there is reason to rejoice.

“Because of our mission, because of people who are listening, who decided to share their extra Bible or Christian book sitting on their shelf, or people supporting us financially, we were able to send the Word of God. A used book that had some value or little-to-none for people here in the U.S. had a great value, not only to this boy, but eternity. He got saved. He is with the Lord.”

Woolford says he keeps a copy of that picture to remind him, the work they are doing has eternal impact. While it’s important to address physical needs for those in distress; health, wealth, and wellness don’t mean anything after you die.

Be a book missionary

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International).

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

So if you’d like to be a part of this eternal impact, consider boxing your used Christian books and Bibles and sending them to CRI. There are instructions on how to do that here.

You can also consider supporting CRI financially to cover the shipping costs for sea containers. Click here for more information.

Woolford says, “We always tell people they can become a book missionary. So many people want to be a missionary or go on a mission trip, but they might not have the physical means or the financial means. But you can support our mission here at Mission Cry, Christian Resources International.”

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